Today I was looking at the blogs are linking to Analytics 2.0 and found a post at the blog elwebmaster.com called “ahora los bloggers se desnudan” which means now the bloggers get naked. My first thought was, what does this post has to do with mine, so my first reaction was using apple + search and type [analytics 2.0] and nothing happened. So I read the entire post which talks about the 10 frech bloggers that got naked and at the end it says “Here in Buenos Aires, the blogger chicks propose a photo session but this time we get guys naked  ¿Could you imagine a photo session with our blogstars? Juan Pablo SueiroFabio BaccaglioniSantiago Sarceda y Juan Manuel Damia. Guys you are invited to demonstrate that you are not just smart and succesful, but also hansome.”

I’m not sure that could be a nice spectacle…we better keep blogging, what do you say Fabio, Santiago and Juano?

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