Information vs insights. Towards a data driven culture

One of the basics topics in “data driven culture 101” is understanding that information is not useful itself. I know, you probably read the header and said, I know it is not, however sometimes the obvious it is not that obvious so let’s go for it.

Information is just set of data ordered and processed in an specific way that make it relevant for decision making. However the human brain is responsible for the magic of understanding a situation using this information. A tool will never be able to do this.

Humans performs very poorly with repetitive processes but are great creating things based on information understanding.

To break the wall and invade the “Insights” arena it is necessary to ask yourself what the information means in terms of the System you are analyzing.

So, having a bounce rate of 80% means nothing, the fact that your conversion rate is x% doesn’t mean a thing by itself. The information must be placed in the correct part of the system to understands it meaning.

This way an 80% of bounce rate in a landing page with a video that is not being measured is not a bad rate, actually you must expect something like that.

An Insight is not the information itself, is the magic produced when the Analyst place the information in the correct place of the system and the answer appear in front of his eyes. Did you ever feel that?

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