I am so glad to announce that I was nominated for a second time as a candidate to Board of Directors of the Web Analytics Association. This is not a minor issue for me since I have been working very hard in the industry for a long time, mainly in Latin America and from such a position I would be able to work on strategies aimed at developing activities in the region.

I must also say that it is an honor for me having the chance of share this nomination with incredible professionals like Anil Batra (Chief Analytics Officer, Ascentium), Daniel Waisberg (Head of Web Analytics, Easynet Search Marketing), David Millrod (Managing Partner, Technology Leaders) Khalid Saleh (Co-Founder & President, INVESP Consulting), Olivier Silvestre (Co-Founder, Tealium, Inc), Rene Dechamps Otamendi (Co-Founder, OX2/LBi, Rene is a great professional and such a nice guy), Sergio Maldonado ( Director, Consulting MV) and Stéphane Hamel (Web Analytics Advocate, Immeria Consulting Services).

Finally, I want to thanks Lindsay De Santis for the incredible dedication on the organization, Richard Foley for all the work hi did for making my interview possible, to the tireless Jim Sterne and to all those that worked so hard to make all this possible.

The voting period will be open in a few days, so if you are focused in Latin America … VOTE FOR PEDRO … sorry … Vote for JuanAll nomination here and my nomination here.

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