Digital Analytics Association new board of directors

As the result of the election process carried on last month the following directors were elected.

– Vicky Brock, Consultant, UK
– June Dershewitz, Practitioner, USA
– John Lovett, Consultant, USA
– Dennis Mortensen, Vendor, USA
– Jim Sterne, Consultant, USA

Slate (Approved)
– Shari Cleary, Practitioner, USA
– Jodi McDermott, Vendor, USA
– Peter Sanborn, Practitioner, USA (Returning)
– Ed Wu, Practitioner, USA (Returning)
– Alex Yoder, Vendor, USA (Returning)

At Large (2)

– Joe Megibow, Practitioner, USA
– Bob Page, Practitioner, USA

Congratulations to all of them from the WAA Latin American team, Daniel Falcon (Perú), Enrique Quevedo (Mexico), Richard Dawson (Argentina) and me (Coordinating the group). We really hope that there are more discussions about this region in the Board meetings! Let´s rock!

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