Data Integration where are you?

Data Integration, where are you?

During the last two days I was at Adtech San Francisco and I was very surprised (and not) because none of the Web Analytics tools where present there.

Google was there just with AdwordsYahoo! had no booth nor did Omniture, or Coremetrics. Would it be that they are big enough for not needing to do advertising?

So, should I think that Adwords is small? You can also say that some of the tools are free and they are part of other business (like Adwords and Google Analytics) and here is when we return to the beginning.

Information is what makes you generate forecasting scenarios. Without information you are not able to understand what is gonna happen in the future (with and acceptable level of confidence), if you are planning without information from the past then you are just guessing and I’m not sure that guessing could bring you to a acceptable level of confidence.

On the other hand companies like Omniture or Coremetrics, that have Web Analytics as their core business, where no present at Adtech neither.

This has really no explanation to me. I know that were some other analytics events on the region those days, but come on, we (Analytics professionals) are always talking about integration and cannot even share the same space with advertisers and publishers?

Please, is not about Analytics, or Paid Search, Or Organic search, it’s about business and businesses require all those things together.

So why none of the biggest Web Analytics Companies had no presence? No idea…

Finally there are a lot of new Web Analytics Tools companies all over the world, it was a great opportunity to fill the Web Analytics emptiness left by the other companies… but nothing happened…I’m really confused.

We (Web Analytics professionals) are always saying that clients and agencies are not taking Web Analytics very seriously, but how would they take it seriously if we don’t do it?

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