Web Analytics, Digital Analytics, Online Analytics…why don’t we keep it simple?

Today’s WebAnalytics industry is discussing about how relevant is today the use of the term “Web Analytics”.

So the general idea is finding a term that better defines our activity so, some ideas are Online AnalyticsDigital Analytics, etc.

But before trying to find a new term why don’t we define the root term, “Analytics”. If you go to Wikipediayou will find this definition “Analytics is the application of computer technologyoperational research, and statistics to solve problems in business and industry“. It’s looks pretty much like what I do in my daily work so why should we add any other word?

If you pay attention I never (in some particular cases) used the word Web Analytics, but Analytics instead. This is because I never understood why we (The “Web” Analytics industry) are trying to make complex what it is simple? Don’t misinterprets me, I’m not saying that the idea is stupid, it is just that I don’t understand it. Just that.

Most of my colleges from the Web Analytics Association are not just Google AnalyticsOmniture or NedStats users. They are working with information to solve business problems.

At the end of the day, we are all talking about integration but then when an channel at the operations level changes need to change the name of what we do?. I think we are living fantastic moments, technology is finally allowing us integrating all our business information generating more realistic decision making scenarios. Are we gonna return to the beginning?

Again…Websites, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, TV, Radio, etc, are not Different Strategic Marketing options, are just channels in which we can execute ourStrategy or we cal also say, in which we can operate our strategic decisions. Should we start negotiating the AA.com domain with American Airlines…mmmhhh ok, we better start soon…it’s not gonna be easy :-)

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