The Graduate School of Business from the “Universidad de Palermo” launches the first “Hands On” Online Advertising Program in LATAM.

The program aims to provide participants with all knowledge and tools available to promote a website.
With a strong practical approach, the classes will be performed applying theory with examples in real time.

I’m so glad of being part of this program for two reasons. First because it was developed having in mind that “if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it”. So we can say that Analytics crosses the program across every different module.

The second reason is because as you know I love the “Hands On” learning model and this program was completely developed with that model in mind as you can see in the list of people in charge of the different modules:

Mariano Amartino. Consultant, entrepreneur and Blogger. Founded and Uberbin. The last one is a company that helps startups penetrating the Spanish Speaking Market. Uberbin is, from 2000, the first Consulting Company with focus on Online Communities and New Media. Mariano has also launched an Ad Network based on Social Networks called MediaReload.

Fernando Barbella. Is the current Interactive Creative Director at BBDO Argentina. In the past he held the position of Creative Director at Ogilvy (Latina Sur), lead the IAB Marketing Chapter. Is member of IADAS (International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences), ambassador of the Webby Awards Argentina and co-author of the book called “The new agency model“. As a speaker he participated in conferences and events about Creativity and New Media in Spain, Argentina, USA, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela and Paraguay.

Germán Herebia. German is the Online Advertising Sales Director at FOX Networks Latinamerica. Co-founded and held the position of CEO at, Search Engine Marketing leading company. In the past Germán was Sales Manager at Diario Infobae (Digital and Printed edition), Ámbito Web and Active participant in Online Marketing Conferences. Founding member  of the IAB Argentina and contributes with the CAACACE and AMDIA.

Santiago Lombardi. As the current Senior Sales Planner at Google is in charge of the developing and implementation of commercial proposals for strategic clients. In the past he held the position of  Maximizer Coordinator, in charge of planning and optimizing online campaigns. Was the  Marketing Manager at where he was in charge of optimizing SEM campaigns at MSN, Yahoo and Google.

Andrés Snitcofsky. Andrés has a Bachelor in Organizations Information Systems at UBA. Chief Digital Officer at Di Paola | WPP, Integrated Communications Agency with offices in Buenos Aires, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Founded Prisma Digital Media an Ad Network with focuse on the Latinamerican and US Hispanic Market. Andrés also writes at

Juan Manuel Damia (Me)

I like to personally thanks to the tireless Gabriel Foglia from the UP, for all the support he gave us. Also thanks to Agustin Herebia who is helping with the organization of the program.

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