In the post “Re Defining the Email Marketing Funnel” I’ve presented my vision about how should be taken considered the forwards in an email marketing campaign.

Why is this approach important? Because it gives you a very realistic vision about where do you have the constrain into your system (email marketing campaign). Forwards and “tell a friend” are channels that must be considered to broaden the base of the pyramid (sends). Why? Because if you can reach 10 people, each of them can reach some others and those others can reach another ones with one main advantage. They know those people, what they like and what they not.

Several years ago (depending on the region or country) people use to buy their stuff in small shops where the sales person use to remember what could interest to the buyer and what not, increasing the sales chances.

When the small shop switched to a big retail chain that was not possible anymore because it was not only one or two sales people but hundreds of them and instead of 20 clients each sales person should remember about 200 hundred of them. This situation pushed the creation of the CRM with the uses of computers. The CRM systems allow that each one of the sales people have information in real time about each of the hundred, thousand or million clients.

Email marketing is part and uses most of the CRM techniques making possible reaching a huge quantity of people in an effective way, which is great.

Now, probably you can be even more effective if you think each of the people you send email as the old sales person which have a few (but well) known clients and know what may need each of them in each particular moment. If you focus on that part of the process you will increase the base of your pyramid but with one difference, those new “Sent” will perform better than the previous ones.

So what I would like to share with you in this post is the core part of this approach…how to identify the CCR (Constrained capacity resource) on you email blast.


Reach = MC + VC

Reach determines the total quantity of people reached with the blast.

Broaden rate = VC / Reach

The broaden rate identifies how effective was the blast in terms of virality.

VC quality factor = (VC Conversions/forwards)

(MC Conversions/sent)The VC quality factor tells you, with a simple view, which cluster has better quality (in terms of conversions) the Main cluster or the Viral cluster.

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