It’s been almost two years since we (the SocialMetrix founders) talked for first time about developing a reporting platform based on what people are saying on the Internet.

It was a long road until today. Things where normally different of what we were thinking and contingency plans became part of our normal planning but what never chanced in all this time was the final objective and our passion.

Today, I’m very glad to announce that SocialMetrix is finalist at the Red Innova Startups contest. This gave us the necessary breath to keep pushing SocialMetrix to the place we’ve imagined from the first time.

I would like to thanks Red Innova for the opportunity that gave us.

I would also like to thanks the other people that make this Company come true with functional products and clients. Martin (Enriquez) the guy that always said “It is possible”, Sebastian (Rosenfeld) one of the most pragmatic and passionate guys I’ve ever meet and Gustavo (Arjones), a f…ing brilliant mind.

My best wishes to the rest of the participants, I know some of them (like Santiago Siri) and they are amazing. Good luck!

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