BarCamp – Buenos Aires

Next Saturday 29th of September from 11 am to 7 pm hours you cannot miss BarCamp Buenos Aires.
BarCamp is an informal and very interactive meeting where people from diverse areas like Technology, Usability, Design, Analytics among others will exchange knowledge about product, services, and theories about Internet 2.0.


There is no reason to miss this event. There will be an Argentinian lunch along with the latest information about internet 2.0 and a very cool t-shirt, all for free (Thanks to the sponsors).

Take into account that there are just 130 places so hurry up


  1. Pablo thanks for visiting. Some of the flexible ones are:
    Visual Sciences
    Among others.
    Microsoft is launching Gatineau in the near future (ask for a trial on the link I left in the Gatineau, you cannot be sure you will get one, but who knows 🙂 )
    Finally, Martin from Yahoo told us (Thanks Martin!!!) that they will be developing also an analytics tool (great news!!!).

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