Constraint management vs direct attribution

The last month I attended eMetrics New York, probably the most important and relevant event in our industry, which was incredible well organized by amazing people like Jim Sterne (a little history of it) and with a range of topics to satisfy even the most particular taste.

I wasn’t able to listen all the presentations because I was at our booth, but the average quality of presentations was pretty good. The only thing is that, apparently, we have a new fashion word, let me introduce you the best, the most important and relevant word from the Online marketing industry…with you…”Attribution“. Now, seriously…I’m surprised on how people try to identify the attribution to a particular object of their system. It’s like thinking that all the merits for a goal in a soccer game are from the person that sets the goal…come on…

Take a look at the following presentation…

View more presentations from Juan Damia

So my suggestion is managing restrictions instead (Yes, the Eli Goldratt model). Why? Take a look at the following slides:

So, if we can identify the system interactions and based on data series understand the dependence among variables why don’t creating a model that allows you to identify the percentage of conversion or sales attribution from that each object of the system? Let’s leave this for another post…I’ve been working on it :-)


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