Hello Google Consumer Surveys, hello attitudinal information

We are talking about the 360 information model for about 6 years so far, trying to convince marketers and decision digital makers and decision makers about using more information than just behavioral. Why? Because you can’t get answer from a source that is not able to provide it. Behavioral information just tells you what people are doing, just that, not why or when. So if what you wanted to know is why the users of your site are behaving in a particular way.

Some time ago we talked about 4QSuite, a service that allows you to evaluate the online experience, measure customer satisfaction and quickly implement website improvements based on real visitor feedback. The service is very useful for analyzing the customers experience inside since it simplifies the thing by using quantitative information.

Now Google has just launched Google Consumer Insights, a service that allows you to do custom market research very easy and with a very low cost.

So now you can pre test campaigns, understand the perception that a particular client segment has about your brand, pre test a new site launch, or even why clients are not willing to pay for the products they already have in their shopping cart…

So you can do pre and post test but instead of just analyzing the behavioral information, now you can understand why they behave that way, which means that you will be able to make decisions with that information.

However, by now you it’s only available English Speaking panels from Canada, USA and UK. Again, the rest of the world have to keep waiting… :-(

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