Today at Social Media Mondays (Universidad de Palermo, Larrea 1079 at 7pm) , Chris Mordue, Sr. Software Architect at Socialmetrix, will be presenting the “Behind the Social Media Scene“. All you need to know about Social Media Monitoring to understand the what you are analyzing.

For about 45 minutes Chris will drive you through topics like, how do Social Monitoring Tools work?, what can this tools measure and what they can’t measure?, what are the main problems in this activity?, what should we expect in the future? among many others topics.

About Chris: He is Sr. Software Architect at Socialmetrix, BS in Bioengineering at University of Washington, BS in Computer Engineering at University of Washington. Among other things, Chris is a Java expert and is one of the most experienced persons in the Social Media Monitoring industry.

You can register to this event (it’s free!!!) at the Social Media Mondays site or just go to Universidad de Palermo in Larrea 1079, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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