Google Analytics with new improvements

Google has announced a new set of improvements, including New Graphing tools, GA.js and six new languages.

New Graphing Tools: Now you are able to graph two metrics against each other and see how they correlate. This is a very useful feature since allows you to carry on a more advanced analysis that not only considers separated set of data but also how any action you may take affect your site traffic and conversion. Here are the instructions on how to access this new graphing feature.

Track actions in a correct maner: Google has launched ga.js page tag that allows you to take advantage of some new tracking functionality like action tracking (counted as actions instead as pageviews), ecommerce transactions in a more readable way and a special resource on the ga.js javascript for power users who want more control over Google Analytics tracking. Anyways you don’t need to install the new tracking code, if you have a website already been tracked by Google Analytics you can leave it as it is, if instead do you want to use the new one to take advantage of the new features you can also do it (more information here).

Six additional languages: Google has launched the Google Analytics version in Thai, Filipino, Indonesian, Czech, Hungarian, and Portuguese (Portugal). Something in my opinion really important and completely aligned with Google Analytics market strategy.

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