It’s been so long since I’ve interviewed Avinash in this blog (Actually the blog was called damia.com.ar in that time). In that moment I’ve just don’t even imagine having Avinash visiting our country or even Latin America.

However some years later that is a fact. The 17th of march Avinash will be landing Buenos Aires bringing with him his contagious passion and love for Web Analytics. The day after he will be presenting at a very exclusive event sponsored by Google.


If you don’t know Avinash, something difficult if you work in Internet (and/or had a chat with me  ), he is one of the most passionated and experienced people in the Web Analytics Industry (you know I don’t like the word Guru). His blog Occam’s Razor is full of information based on Avinash’s experience with a very pragmatic view and he is always open to interact with his readers. He amazingly generated a very symmetric communication with his readers.

Avinash is also the author of the best selling book “Web Analtyics and hour a day” which has already translated into English, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese and soon will be available in Japanese and Russian.

He is also the Analytics Evangelist for Google, position from which help people with different level of expertise having a deeper understanding of their online projects changing the “metrics” view by the “understanding” view (PALM by Avinash: People Against Lonely Metrics).

I’m a believer that there is not smarter people, not even Gurus but just people that uses his passion for something (Like Web Analytics) as the fuel for making wonderful things in a very contagious way, that’s is why I’m so glad to having Avinash down here.

Welcome Avinash!!! 

more information about Avinash? click here

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