For a long time we´ve been talking about the Semantic Web, with standards and processes, where even the users may have a unique identity and so forth.Do you remember the Dick Hard presentation “Identity 2.0″?

In my opinion the only way that something like that finally exists is that the current web remains in parallel.

This way we would have co-existing a secure and standardized web, where all the users know the rules and that in case of violating those rules we have a unique identity that must respond.

Like a “real world” but not real…just digital.On the other hand I imagine the current web like a chaotic and auto adjustable web where everyone behave as they want following their instincts or just looking just for their benefits.

What I wrote above is, with more or less words, what people is saying for a long time about internet. Now, after reading that Mark Zuckerberg and his team are lunching the Facebook email client (or the way they call it “Intelligent Message System”…), it looks like Mark Zuckerberg has real intentions that his Facebook becomes the “ordered digital world with web standards, etc”. 

How possible is it that Mark archive it? Will the users accept this new model where his life is almost open to others?

Are humans prepared for living without secrets (or without most of them?). Or will people use the “friends groups” as “Tell me who you are and I’ll see what I’ll tell you”.

The Facebook Banner at Adtech SF (facing at the Google Stand) is still banging on my head “we reach your clients before they search”…interesting huh?

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