Some time ago Wences Casares introduced me to Raul Rivera Andueza with the excuse of Raúl’s book launching.

Raul has an impresive background however the best thing about him, in my opinion, is that he was working for a long time as a Social Entrepreneur to promote activities that really impact the Latin American Environment.

His level of compromise with the region drives Raul to write his Book “Nuestra Hora” (Our time). After reading several pages of his book I must say that I’m proud of having these kind of professionals in the region.

His pragmatic vision that call people to drive ideas into action plus his contagious passion will definitely end into positive impact not just for his land (Chile) but also for the entire Region.

Nuestra Hora” is a book that is helping me thinking our of the box, allowing me to understand how can each of us can target our actions to really generate a positive change that affect all the people living and working down here.

So Raúl, congratulations! We hope having more people like you in the region.

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