The first GAAC lands on Hispanic Latam

Last week I’ve received an email from Enrique Quevedo (the Google Analytics Guy in Latam) officially announcing that Intellignos (Company that I co-founded) was confirmed as Google Analytics Authorized Consultant, becoming the first (and only by now) GAAC in Hispanic Latam.

I am so glad because it is not only a great challenge for Intellignos, but also demonstrate the interest of Google Analytics in the Latin American Market.

So, let’s stop talking and let’s rock!

About the Google Authorized Consultant Program?

Google Analytics Authorized Consultant ProgramThis is the Google’s explanation: Instead of charging hefty fees for Google Analytics and pushing you into a one-size-fits-all services plan, we’d rather provide Google Analytics and your product support free of charge and give you the option to purchase a tailored professional services package directly from one of our partners. This way, you can select the partner and the plan that makes the most sense for your business and your objectives.

Partner services include, but are not limited to:

* a la carte incident consultation
* Phone and internet-chat support
* General or customized Installation and configuration
* Report data analysis
* Personalized training
* Walk through of Urchin reports
* Custom scripting
* Custom report templating
* Custom log file configuration
* Custom architecture integration (Software Only)

About Intellignos

Intellignos GAAC in LatamIntellignos offers integrated Web Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions. From KSI and KPI definition to Ongoing Analysis and Reporting, the company provides a complete solution to extract insightful information to help its clients achieve outstanding results. The company is acting in the Latin American and US Hispanic markets.

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