Google Analytics Launches the Google Analytics App store

Google has recently launched the Google Analytics Application Gallery allowing companies that are developing useful apps to offer their apps to Google Analytics users.

The idea is just amazing. As we were talking in this blog for several years, every person of every company of every industry has a very unique information need for making their decisions.a

Google could take two ways, the first is to develop all the required apps to satisfied the most users as possible, the second is to allow third party developers to do it by their self. The first possibility was very risky for Google since it is really difficult to them attend the unique needs of all their clients/users.

So in my opinion they choose the very best decision, leave third party developers to do that by their self with the possibility of earning money…in a win-win situation.

Even when the app store has 53 Apps by now, since everyone could upload their app, the quantity will grow exponentially (with the related increase in useless apps).

I already started checking some of those apps, this thing is getting interesting!

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