¿Swiming, floating or sinking in data? CMO’s & Analytics

The reports shows that the main focus of the CMOs is the ROI. Almost two thirds of CMOs believe that the return on investment in marketing will become the main metric of effectiveness before 2015.

They recognize, as do the CEOs, that the world in which they operate is much more volatile, uncertain and complex.

A whole 79% of the surveyed CMOs believe that
the level of complexity will be high or very high in the next five years and only 48%  feel prepared to face it.

The intersting thing is that when they where asked about what’s the main concern, over 70% of CMOs believe they are not fully prepared to deal with the increase in volume of data and its impact.
‘One of our biggest challenges is the data analysis. Because of the complexity and size of our organization, we are left behind, “admitted a CMO from the consumer products sector in the United States.

It certainly is not the only one. ‘We are drowning in data. We lack of real information’, commented a CMO from Switzerland. A CMO’s from the energy and supplies sector from Holland expressed the problem more bluntly: ‘At this time, we have no idea how our marketing department will deal with the increase of data’.

The volume of information is drowning us…probably is time think about Corporative Analytics Strategies…

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