During my last presentation at the Web Analytics Day I asked the attendees “What is a Website”? and just one or two persons where able to hardly answer. This is not weird, it is based on the way humans learn. We tend to learn things just once and then we just repeat what we’ve learnt. So when we think we know something we just stop asking “why” and the learning process is done. That represents a very danger behavior when the learnt knowledge is not so.

In this case nobody asked themselves what a website is because everybody thought they knew it…until someone (me) ask it and they finds out that there is no answer on their mouth  .

The answers of my question was “There is nothing called website per se” it depend on how you define it. I mean, it could be:
1- A domain with a single page.
2- A domain with several pages.
3- Several domains with a single page.
4- Several domains with multiple pages.
5- Several domains and/or domains with single or multiple pages.

So my concern is, how would you be able to implement you analytics tool when you don’t even know what your website is  …you wouldn’t and that’s the point. So…do you already know what your website is?
For more information you can download the presentation much more than just tagging

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