Dad is back and will lift your conversions

It’s seems like nothing changed for so many years…take a look at this post “Desired Advertising – DAD – Is that possible?“ and tell me if it is not actual? It is, and it is for the reason that the base of it it is that advertising should be planned and executed as a service it self and not as an stupid and intrusive manner of stolling peoples’ attention.

With the above in mind and always following the Web Analytics Association’s Code of Ethics, Imagine how better could be your clients that you contact them considering their interests and needs, following the Dad model

Yahoo! Web Analytics individual tracking

Do you think it is something sophisticated for your skills? It’s not…at all.

The only thing you need is an Analytics solution that allows tracking individuals and having a registration or login process in your website. To those that accept the tracking cookie you will have the information of the interest that that particular person has in a very specific moment. So you can create segments based on behavior and/or demographics and/or attitude and contact people with, for instance, a newsletter, that adds value to them. You can send them promotions based on what they are looking to buy, or events that could be of their interest among other benefits.

I test it with Yahoo! Web Analytics just because it was the closest one I have (and it’s a very good one!), but you can use any other with individual tracking. Test it and please let me know if you get any lift.

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