How to define and optimize funnels

If you want to analyze any special process from your site with the funnel function here are some tips.

The first thing you should consider is that your site is a system, taking into consideration the very basic concept (wikipedia: from Latin syst?ma, in turn from Greek ??????? syst?ma, is a set of entities, real or abstract, comprising a whole where each component interacts with or is related to at least one other component and they all serve a common objective), and as every system is extremely important to understand what things flows through it, how those flows occurs and how every part of the system is connected and interact with the others.

A funnel is nothing but setting up your analytics tool to track “part of your system flows” that’s why is important to understand first the entire system and its interactions.
So once you designed your information system (how the information flows through you site) you must identify “the must track process” within the analyzed system. How to do this? Identify from your critical path the tasks you will easily interpret if any deviation (from planned) occurs. Those indicators will became the sensors will indicate you which part of your system became your RCR (restricted capacity resource) or normally called bottle neck and then why your are or are not achieving your goals.

This will take you for sure more time than just setting up the funnel for every goals that “all the people normally track” but does it make any sense analyzing every part of the system as an isolated thing? I guess not.
Please don’t hesitate in contact me is you have any question or doubt.

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