When we talk about web analytics we normally put the website in the middle of the analysis. However it is getting harder to keep that idea in mind when you have Apps that are being measured no matter they are being displayed on a website, in Facebook, in a mobile site or even with an snippet into thousands of blogs or websites.
Actually a particular website could be displayed in several different type of gadgets like a Desktop, a laptop, a mobile phone, a tablet, an MP3 player with internet, an GPS with internet, and so on and on and on…

So is really hard to have Web Analytics as a monogamous activity (in love just with the website) when is actually a polygamous activity having affairs with as much information sources as possible.

So I divided the analysis into the displayed object and two different dimensions. The object is the content displayed while the dimensions are

1- Source: It is from which the object or content is being displayed.

2- Gadget: It is from which the object or content is being consumed.

This way we are gonna be able to do a more interesting analysis because the same user could consume the content in a different way depending the gadget he is using and from which source hi is consuming the content. 

I was doing some R&D about how should be a Web Analytics tool to fit the above mentioned needs and believe me it is reaaaallly coool!

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