Web Analytics Wednesday, Boston MA

Please join Eric Peterson, CEO of Web Analytics Demystified, live and in-person, for a rare Web Analytics Wednesday (WAW) – on TUESDAY (WAT), June 19th. Well be at Aquents HQ at 711 Boylston St, in Boston, MA. Walk through the front door and look for the signs. We’ll be celebrating the partnership between Web Analytics Demystified and Aquent. Unica is also co-sponsoring the event. Eric will give a presentation, and we’ll also have the best analysts in the industry on hand (as long as the analysts aren’t traveling or too busy! :) Did I mention free food and drinks (as usual)? And loads and loads (and loads) of smart conversation with your peers in web analytics (and beyond). I (and Eric) hope you will attend this historic event in a historic city.

You can register to this event just clicking here, or get more information here.

You probably already know about Eric but if you don´t, here is some information about him.

Eric T. Peterson is a pioneer in the web analytics field, having made significant contributions to the success of vendors and web analytics practitioners around the world as a consultant, analyst, and thought leader.

Few in the industry have had a career as well-rounded and diverse as Peterson – over the last 10 years he has been employed as a practitioner, a consultant, a manager, and an industry analyst.

– Since the late 1990’s, he has worked for three major web analytics vendors, two of these public traded companies – his positions within these organizations have included Director of Professional Services and Vice President, Strategic Services

– Since 2000, he has managed a variety of web analytics platforms including WebTrends, WebSideStory, Omniture, Visual Sciences, and Google Analytics

– Since 2002, he has provided web analytics consulting services directly to some of the most well-known brands in the world

– In 2005, while employed as a senior industry analyst covering the web analytics sector he received industry-wide recognition on issues related to browser cookie deletion

The author of a weblog and several books on web analytics, Peterson is widely known both throughout the industry and in the business community at large.

– Peterson has written three books on the subject, Web Analytics Demystified (Celilo, 2004), Web Site Measurement Hacks (O’Reilly, 2005), and The Big Book of Key Performance Indicators (Celilo, 2006)

– Peterson is frequently interviewed and cited in newspapers, magazines, and popular online sites including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN Money, BusinessWeek, Internet Retailer, PC World, and InformationWeek

– Since 2002, he has given hundreds of presentations on web analytics, both online and live at events like Shop.ORG, InternetRetailer, E-tail, and Search Engine Strategies, and also for diverse organizations including the American Marketing Association, JupiterResearch, and numerous technology vendors and individual organizations

– Since 2004, he has written the world’s most widely-read blog on the subject of web analytics at www.webanalyticsdemystified.com

– Peterson currently serves as an advisor for Jim Sterne’s Emetrics Summit; he is also a frequent presenter at the event.

Peterson is most proud of the impact he has had on the global community of web analytics professionals.

– In 2004, he founded the world’s largest and most active online forum for web analytics professionals, The Web Analytics Forum at Yahoo! Groups

– In 2005, Peterson founded the world’s only international social networking event for web analytics professionals, “Web Analytics Wednesday”

– In 2005, he donated text from his books to the Web Analytics Association for use in their practitioner education classes

– In 2006, Peterson founded LinkedIn’s Web Analytics Demystified personal networking group, expanding networking opportunities for web analytics professionals

– In 2006, he founded the “Web 2.0 Measurement Working Group”, focused on resolving measurement issues associated with the emerging Internet.

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