When your traffic meet the users…

I’ve tested or at least investigate almost every web analytics tools, both log file analyzers and Page Tagging. I love to see how this companies are focus on improving front end stuff, or adding 3000 different reports (most of them doesn’t fit your needs), but none is focus on what I think really matters in web analytics.

– Flexibility: Every single project is different and it has to be fixed to the corporate strategy, so how could be possible to use one of the “3000 standard report”, and even if you agree on reviewing each of them, it takes you less time to design your tailored report than finding the one that fits your needs. So what I mainly need is flexibility, mean the possibility to build over the standard solution, and I’m not talking about build just reports, I’m taking about the data system that will be processed in order to get meaningful information for every specific project. Web analytics is a baby and will not grow healthy unless the Analytics Companies do not work together with the analytics professionals (and off course, I’m not taking about their own professional).

– Integration: Web analytics software companies are not working focus on integration and even worst, some of the big ones don’t even have API. So should I integrate every module of my BI system manually? Internet allows us tracking all the information you want in real time, so is not integration an awesome idea?

Web analytics solutions must focus on integrate and link the registered user’s database with the website traffic. Is not kind of a crazy thing that some of the people that navigate my site are logged in and generating traffic but my web analytics does not recognized them?So in my opinion there are just two ways, or they keep their prices ridiculously high but invest in making web analytics solutions business intelligence software, or they decrease their prices and keep offering the same basic solutions.

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