If you are already generating Social Campaigns or are just beginning I recommend you to track them so you can folllow the “plan-action-measure” improving Cycle.

Some of you have probably very interesting projects but are not experts in programing or coding and normally avoid this kind of post. Don’t do that! This process is really simple and extremely usefull…give me just five minutes and I’ll show you.

1- Once you have planned your Social Campaign (links with interesting content in FacebooktwitterOrkutSonicoMySpaceHi5, or any other) you will need to define the SourceMedium and Campaign name (if you are generating multiple links in the same “post” then you can use the variable Content as well).

Source: It is the source of traffic you will be activating, in this case Facebook, Twitter, etc…

Medium: Is the type of advertising like cpc, banner, email or in this case “Social”

Campaign Name: Is the name you use for any particular campaign, lets say “facebook_test_analytics2.0″.

Campaign Content: If you are using multiple links give a particular name to each them so you can recognize which is generating you better performance.

2- Go to Google URL Builder ToolOnce there fill each of the above mentioned fields as in the following example.

The field in green must contains the landing page URL, in red the tracking variables (Source, Medium, Content, Name). Then generate URL (in blue). The result is a URL that contains your landing page URL followed by “?” and each of the variables concatenated with “&” as follows.


Then use that link in the properly source to populate your content wait some hours and voila! you are already measuring your social campaign…pretty simple huh? 

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