Advertising on web 2.0 – Are we ready?

One year ago or so I was talking about something I called DAD or desired advertising (like this one or this one) that was based on delivering the right ad to the right person, and the right ad to the right person is linked to the variable “time”. And the variable time (when I want it) is expressed by the user in different ways, but always as an exteriorization of a desire.

When the people browse in a search engine, or search content within a site or navigate particular content, or even accept to open an email, quick message, or SMS those actions express their interest in some content they are like to get in touch with, while the frequency, time spent, and visit repetition, among others indicators give us a clue about the level of relevance that an specific content has to a particular user / consumer.
Some of the actions I proposed in my post where implemented and are very successful, like random advertising in youtube video (just to mention an example) but the key function is understanding user / client needs and desires and thats in my opinion what is not yet well developed. There is a lack of techniques for a correct desirability tracking and processing.

You Tube Ad

Are we really prepared for internet 2.0? Are we acting to drive internet to the 2.0 version or just reacting? In my opinion

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