The dilemma between Avinash’s 10/90 rule and Google Analytics

One of the questions I asked Avinash during the interview was why should companies invest in web analytics profesionals when “everybody can handle” web analytics tools.
In the answer Avinash mentioned his 10/90 rule which in my opinion companies must apply. This rule says that for every 10 dollars you invest in web analytics you should invest 10% in the Web Analytics Tool and 90% in professionals that use effectively that tool.
But now I have a problem, because my company applied that Avinash


  1. 🙂

    Very funny!

    The core stress in the 10/90 rule is that tools are important but what will make the difference between your company and your competitor is your ability to throw big human brains on that tool (any tool, Google Analytics or Omniture or Webtrends or whatever).

    This of course comes from my experience of actually working in companies of different sizes and seeing them struggle to find insights from even the best of tools.

    For the sake of this exercise consider the cost of GA equal to that of Visual Science (the most expensive tool in the market at the moment) so take hypothetical half a million dollars cost and times it by ninety and that’s your new salary!


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