Buenos Aires has its second Search Engine Marketing Expo (SMX Buenos Aires 2008)

Finally we had the SMX Buenos Aires 2008 and in my opinions was pretty good.

The Analytics presentation was well balanced, a consultant (me), a Provider (Enrique Quevedo from Google) and a Client (Maria Soledad Santich from Telefónica de Argentina). I fount Soledad’s presentation very usefull since she explained how was the Analytics Implementing process in her company in a very transparent way. Issues, deviations, pursuit results, etc.

Analytics PAnel - Soledad, Enrique and Juan

Juan Damia, Maria Soledad Santich and Enrique Quevedo

With the Google Team

Guille (Google), Juan and Rita (Google)

The best

Even when I couldn´t attend all the presentations I wish, I attended some very good ones,

– Julio Fernandez with Online Reputation Management examples.

 Andres Snitcofsky with his very funny SEM (and instructive) presentation.

– German Herebia, talked about new media and give some ideas to present developers (If German tells you that you can get good money develping the mentioned type of apps, I recommend you going in that direction).

– Gustavo Saients and Alejandro Perez (I was a little late so I missed Robert Jacksons´ presentation) explained in a very simple way how the Search Engines Algorithms work in general.

– Martín Enriquez and his Online Reputation Management examples, very clear

The worst

– The security was poor making possible that not just one, but two laptos where stolen (I´m really sorry Justo and Diego).

– Some panelist presentations were sales presentations…come on some people paid a lot of money not to hear you selling your products, but to learn how to improve their services and make money by their self. Sorry guys, wrong place, wrong people….

I would also like to thanks Tomy Lorsch and Rafael Fernández Tamames the invitations to participate in the Analytics Panel.


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