Desired Advertising – DAD – Is that possible?

These days everybody is talking about the different types of online advertising, which one generates more clicks or generate a better conversion rates.
Today’s online advertising it’s turning pretty much complicated but the conversion rates are increasing very slowly or even not increasing at all. So, how much work is necessary to push the conversion rates up? And the ROI of that work is really positive?.
Normally when some technique doesn’t work or is not working as much as necessary, the people try to defend it even with impossible explanations, but let us feel comfortable with the known technique for more time, but in my opinion when a technique becomes complicated is time to change it.
So, these days we are all talking about contextual and behavioral advertising but in most of cases the gained lift is almost imperceptible.
I guess behavioral advertising is a great technique, but we have to take it as a base and build from it. What I imagine for the future (the close future) is that advertising could be a service that helps people with in their daily life and not an obstacle in their lifes.
If I’m reading a note about the new Honda accord I will be glad if in the same note there is a banner or even a text with information about where can I buy that new car and even some promotions that helps me take a decision: or if I’m reading about the Caribbean probably could be useful for me have information about where can I buy the trip that fits best to me. If we can offer the correct things to the correct people the conversion rates will finally grows, and the ROII (Return on impact investment*) will really climbs up to unbelievable rates. In online we have the chance to track almost every online user experience, so is not kind of ridiculous to display an ad to someone that we already know (or at lease we should know) is not that ad target?
I’m completely sure is possible to take very useful activities from each technique and converge them to a unique advertising technique that generate impact in a very particular moment of the consumer life, no matter is online, offline, if they are searching on Google or reading a newspaper, if they are waiting for the metro or having lunch with friends. Every one of us have needs, and the most of the times to fill our needs in necessary that that someone buy or sell something (please don’t misinterpret me). That moment could be a week or a minute, so what I call DAD or Desirable advertising is based on that advertising should impact in that specific moment, the particular person, with the correct message. To make this possible is necessary to use all together CRM, behavioral advertising, SEO, SEM (I will try to convince Andres Snitcofsky to post about this topics here, he is not only an expert but also explains in a very clear way), and MCRM among others.
To let this technique become true is necessary that Companies, Agencies and media properties understand each other’s needs and join together in order to generate necessary new environment that I’m sure will allow higher ROCI for everybody.

This is just an introduction to this new technique, I’ll be writing in depth about each specific part in the next posts.

* ROII: Is not only about changing the way we call to the same thing, I think that switching to ROII allow and help us understand the opportunity cost of each impact we generate. It doesn’t matter if each impact worth less than a cent, if a cent doesn’t generate a return, why are we investing that cent in generating that impact?

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