Successful Online Business – First part

Very frequent people ask me about how can they make their online projects work, and more frequent they don’t understand when I ask them about how are they aligning their online project with their Corporative Strategy. An ecommerce website, an online campaign, a community website, a SEM campaign, or whatever else are tactics that should be aligned to a Corporative Strategy. If your online tactic is not aligned with your Corporative Strategy, probably the most intelligent decision could be start again from a scratch.

1- Project understanding: Understanding the strategic plan and objectives from the company is the basement of any project. In this stage is deeply important that you have all the answers you need. I suggest writing in a paper one by one all the questions you think all the people that will be working in the project would need and then find the right people to answer those questions. Remember that you will only find the right answers if you ask it to the right person.

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