Effective communication formula

It’s pretty late at night and I just can’s sleep, so here I am trying to play a bit with some maths. The exercise is to finds out the formula for an effective communication. Well, finally I guess I finds out the formula for an effective communication, and guess what, seems pretty simple. Even when is true that everything seems to be simple while you take humans behavior out from your plans, lets take a look at it

EC = P(mm) x R Where:
EC = Effective Communication.
P = People.
mm = Mental Model.
R = Respect.

If we take into consideration that P(mm) or persons with their own mental models are constant the only variable is R.

When R = 0

EC = P(mm) x 0 and everything multiplied by 0 is 0. Then the Effective communication is null.
EC = 0

Finally as much the R (respect) tends to 0, as lower is the EC (Effective communication). Simple, Fast, and Very understandable but, how much prepared are humans for respecting each other? ;=)

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