Google Analytics Short Cuts

If you are having some troubles setting up or analyzing information with google analytics, or just want it to improve your skills Justin Cutroni has launched a very interesting E-Book called Google Analytics Shortcut. This book is even recommended by…Google Analytics.

Google Short Cut Book Cover

Google Analytics Short Cut is divided into sections that explain the various features of Google Analytics. Each section describes how a certain feature works, tips on how to take advantage of that feature and warnings to help you avoid configuration mistakes. Here’s what the PDF covers:

1. Getting Setup Correct
2. How Google Analytics Works
3. Profiles and Profile Settings
4. Filters
5. Goals & Funnels
6. Common Website Configurations
* Dynamic Websites
* Tracking Across Multiple Domains
* Tracking Across Multiple Sub Domains
* Tracking Across Multiple Domains with Multiple Sub Domains
* Frames & IFrames
7. Marketing Campaign Tracking
8. E-Commerce Tracking
9. Custom Segmentation
10. CRM Integration
11. Tips & Tricks
* Tracking Visitor Clicks, Outbound Links and Non-HTML Files
* Recommended Profiles & Filters
* Custom Segmentation Hacks
* Excluding Yourself from Google Analytics Data
* Creating an Implementation Plan
* Keeping Track of Your Configuration Changes
* Troubleshooting Data Accuracy
12. Reference
* Google Analytics Functions
* Tracking Code Variables
* Regular Expressions
* Tools for Debugging Google Analytics


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