Since Microsoft Gatineau nothing will ever be the same

The first thing I thought when heard about Gatineau (Microsoft’s Web Analytics Solution) was, “now the market will become interesting”. Even when Google Analytics is not the best Web Analytics solution (I mean, not at all), is a great solution if we consider that is free, indeed is better than some none free ones. In that time I imagined the web analytics market as follow.

Apparently I was not wrong, if you take a look at the Google Analtics’s blog they are launching updates without taking a breath. Actually they don’t even give me the chance of posting about one update and they are launching another one. Do you think I’m exaggerating? Take a look at it.
The following are the improvements Google Analytics launched since Gatineau started sending beta invitations (November 2007).
1-    Site Search Now Available
2-    Update for Some ga.js users and Request for More GAACs!.
3-    Announcing new graphing tools, ga.js tracking, and six new languages.
4-    Where Did My Paid Search Traffic Go?
5-    Urchin Software Beta Now Public.
6-    Google Analytics integrates with Google Audio Ads.
7-    Benchmarking now available plus additional opt-in settings.

I used the original Post Titles so you can find them in the Google Analytics Blog (because in January they also launched the blog search ;-) .

Probably I’m forgetting some other improvements but I think it is enough to get what my point is.

I’m still thinking we need a third player in the free market. Yahoo?…


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