Web Analytics Association 2008 Elections

The next 24th of March 2008 the members of the Web Analytics Association will be electing six of the twelve directors of its Committee.

I am delighted to announce that I am one of the 17 nominees, thanks to the support received mainly by Avinash and Enrique. I would also like to thanks to Nerina Luloaga for her support on generating the required documents.

Since the nominees information is only available for WAA members, there is not much information I can provide about them, but I can tell you that all of them are very recognized professionals with a vast career in the Web Analytics. It is an honor for me share this nomination with all of them.

The candidates are:

I would also like to point out that all the candidates proposals are really interesting and cover a particular Web Analytics Association need, so is not going to be about voting the best professional (something really hard to define) but the ones with proposals that covers the main WAA needs.

Regarding my proposal, it is focused on spreading the WAA through all Latin America based on the following objetives:

* Give support to the people who are beginning with this activity and require knowledge and support.

* Generate the perfect environment to professionals who need to exchange ideas that will help improve practices and tools.

* Provide companies with better professionals to provide them with accurate information.

My best wishes to all the nominees!!!


  1. Congratulations, Juan! I can’t think of anyone else that could bring so much to the table as the perfect link to help expand the mission of the association into Latin America and among the community of professionals in the region.

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